“Is it enough for Brands to Just have a Social Media Presence?”

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Social Media Buzz...
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“Social Media” – The term which can be heard everywhere, nowadays; whether you are watching television, reading newspaper, surfing net or just having a discussion over a cup of Tea with your friend!  Social Media is conquering nook and corners of the world, it has infact conquered your mind and the Soul!

If you ask me to define Social Media, I would say, it is a “Lifeline” which you can gift to your Brand“,

Social Media does nothing as wonderful as giving “Life” to your Brand! It gives Brand the Freedom of Expression.

Social Media is indeed the biggest Marketing Revolution of 21st Century. It has changed the way Brands used to communicate and respond.

So Now the Question arises whether being “Just” present on Social Media Network” is enough for the Brand or the Company??

Being a Social Media Marketer, (still in learning phase) I would say,

Being “Just” present on Facebook or any other Social Media Network without any Proper Strategy is Like standing on a High Street, on the busy weekend, that too Fully Naked

Can You afford that, If Yes? Then You are doing a wonderful Job, You are letting Your Brand to be ripped in Public!


“Don’t Just Collect fans like baseball cards, You need to Engage them”

 Think in this manner, If there is any negative article in newspaper regarding your brand, it goes to particular region and stays for a day or two or at max a week,

But if the same thing goes online, it spreads like “Fire”, anybody, anywhere can access it and stays there forever! You can “Google” it even after decades. Afterall “Google” is shaping as the Memory Center of the Techno_Man!

Social Media needs a proper strategy. We need to understand the power of Social Media. It can do wonders for the Brand, if Managed properly.

Social Shop – “Make Your Shop Attractive”

Being on Social Media(eg, Facebook) is Like having a Shop on the high street where you have 900 million people around you!

So you cannot afford to have a Shop which is Looking Pathetic, Not Maintained properly, Not Representing the Brand which you want to create.

 So What you need to do is “Have a Shop which attracts your Customers and sends right signals to them”.

As “David Meerman Scott” rightly says,

“You can Buy attention (Advertising)

 You can Beg for attention from the media (PR)

 You can Bug people one at a time to get attention (Sales)


 You can Earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free”

It is advised not to take any chances with Social Media, either be present properly or don’t even try to have a social profile!!

             Call is Yours! You can even Neglect this “Biggest Marketing Revolution of 21st Century” –

As Weirdest things Still happen in this world..!!


  1. Khizer says:

    Simple, Straightforward and True..! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. PensiveTams says:

    Well written Basharat. I laughed out loud on “Dont just collect fans like baseball cards”. So true. The bold accents could’ve been used with discretion as it (in my case) was more like a distraction. All the best for your blog.

  3. Salim Husain says:

    Very well written with relevant examples.. As they say, 21st century is ‘.com’ which is applicable on everythng.. Without strategic SMM, marketing wud be lame in this era.. Just add some more platforms except FB, hundreds of top notch ppl are active on other media platforms.. As of nw.. Clear msg.. Gud work..

    • Basharat says:

      Salim: Thanks for your Views. Rightly said 21st Century is all about “internet”. Actually it is written from Indian Perspective. Being in Market, I have seen, most of the companies take Social Media very Lightly, Which can be detrimental for the Brand. Social Media in India is very new, still in its early days, so there is a Lack of Knowledge and awareness. As we know it has lot of potential and we can definitely say that future belongs to Social Media. And Yes,Next time I would keep your point in mind and include some examples from other platforms as well.

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